Professional Career

SBB (2016 – aktuell): SBB

  • Seit 1.12.2019:
    • Leiter Competence Center “Machine Perception”
    • Koordination Research & Development Network SBB
    • Leiter des Projektes “Artificial Intelligence bei Streckeninspektion”
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Solucation Architectures for Predictive Maintenance, High Performance Computing, Testing and Releasing of AI, Definition of Reference-Architectures, Answer Set Programming for combinatorial optimization, Data Science, Establishing AI in the enterprise, definition of blueprints, AI for software engineering, AI for cyber security
  • Am 22.8.2019 habe ich einen Keynote zum Thema “Application of AI in Companies” im Kontext vom Doctorate School @ UEJL ( gehalten. Siehe auch:
  • Product Owner Secured Integration Architectures for IT / OT.
  • Lead of the Workstream "Security" in context of Cross-Business Labs (September 2017 - June 2018. You can get the certificate here.). The lead of the workstream involved the organisation of workshops, preparing of the content, writing and publication of papers. One of our papers was published at CIO Magazin. I also presented our results at the general meetings.
  • Responsible for Technological Dossiers: Adaptive Security, High Performance Computing, Quantum Computing, Serverless Computing. This includes: getting an overview on the topic, assessing the relevance, Implementation of PoCs, economical aspects
  • Technology Strategie Papers: Responsible for the continous update of the IT-Technology-Strategie, its presentation at our executive management and its continous assesmentt.
  • Responsible for the Database Technologies (SQL, NoSQL): Technology Standardisation, LifeCycle-Management (Oracle, MSSQL), NoSQL Databases
  • My Trainings from 2017 you can find here.

Professor (Teilzeit) – (2019 – aktuell)

Seit Oktober 2019 unterrichte ich als Professor Teilzeit an der Universität SEEU in Mazedonien ( auf Master-Stufe.

  • Frühlingsemester 2020: “Distributed Computing”.
  • Herbstsemester 2019: “Service-Oriented Architectures” .

Lead of the Department on Web Technologies at FFHS (2016 - current)

Starting from 2016 I lead the department on "Web Technologies" at FFHS. You can find the details here. The department lead is responsible for the operational planing and the advancement of the courses

Associate Professor at FFHS (2011 - current)

Starting from 2011 I tech different courses at FFHS. You can find the details here. I also have developed and extended some of the courses; I have supervised over 40 Bachelor and Master Thesis.

Associate Professor (2011 - current)

At IBZ a teach mainly databases and operating systems. You can find the details here.

University of Basel (2011 - 2016): Phd Candidate / Teaching Assistent

  • Teaching Assistent in the research group "Databases and distributed information Systems". You can find the full list of the courses: here.
  • Advised Bachelor- and Master Thesis. The list of advised thesis: here.
  • I lead the COSA (Citizens Observatories) project together with the department of Geographie. You can find the details here zu finden.

RTC (2006 - 2011): Software Engineer / Architect in the Banking-Sector

  • Software Engineer / Architect Banking Software: Keywords: Java, JEE, rule-based systems, EAI, Automatisation.

Keymile (2001 – 2006): Software Engineer / Architect Telecommunication Software

  • Software Engineer  / Architect for the management of Communication Networks. Keywords: Java, C++, CORBA, JEE, GUI, XML.
  • Project Manager:automated generation of GUIs for the management of Communication networks based on XML descriptions. The tool was implemented with Java implementiert und es ermöglichte das komplette Entkoppeln der Hardware von der Management-Software. Somit war es möglich neue Hardware-Komponenten zu entwickeln und diese ohne grossen Aufwand in die Software zu integrieren. Benötigt war die entsprechende XML Beschreibung. Das passende GUI wurde automatisch erstellt.