Keynote zum Thema “Application of AI in companies”

Ich habe am 22.8 einen Keynote zum Thema “Application of AI in companies” gehalten. Dies im Rahmen des Doctorate School an der Universit├Ąt in MK ( Es gab spannende Diskussion ├╝ber die Vorgehensweise um AI, als neue Technologie, in einem bestehenden Umfeld zu etablieren. Siehe auch:

Key Take-Aways:

  • You need concrete Business Cases, that generate impact. Don’t solve generic AI problems with no business link
  • Integrate IT and Business as soon as possible
  • Small PoCs are sufficient for bootstraping AI. PoCs should be doable in a period of 6 months and have a strong business link
  • Don’t forget to standardize at a certain point. Innovation is very important and should be the main point during the bootstraping, but don’t forget to start controlling the Technology-Zoo.

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